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Stranger Things Season 4 cast members did quite an exceptional job in saving the world temporarily. Although, we know the threat from the Upside Down still lures. With a gigantic gate now open to the other dimension, it may be very hard to close it. As for Will, he can still feel Vecna under his skin. He also tells Mike that the villain is not dead yet, but rather just wounded. He feels a connection to him even better now they are in Hawkins.

Will feels like Vecna’s ego is hurt, and he will strike back again with a much larger force and, obviously, avoid the mistakes he did this time. Nancy and the group managed to do a pretty good job in defeating Vecna without El’s help but obviously, it was not enough. This season truly brought all the members together, and we saw the deal in Russia also being taken care of. Hopper is back in Hawkins with Joyce.

There surely were some heartbreaking moments in the season as well. The Stranger Things Season 4 deaths made all the difference in the perspective of our remaining characters in Hawkins. Max’s life is literally hanging in between after she barely managed to survive Vecna’s attack. On the other hand, Eddie Munson took his last breath even though he was an innocent lad who just liked music. Deaths like that of Jason and Doctor Brenner were deserved. They were always creating trouble for our heroes.


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The best part about the whole season was when we saw Hopper alive in Russia. Joyce literally went to the other continent in order to save the love of her life while risking everything. Other than that, Mike and the crew also survived the attack from the military and managed to save Eleven and take her back to the Pizza place in order to get her connected to Max and ultimately save her from dying. Well, this was all the recap, but we should now talk about the Stranger Things Season 4 Cast Members.

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Strangers Things Season 4 Cast Members

The Kids

  • Millie Bobby Brown reprises the role of Eleven. She is the main character and has all the supernatural powers. El has saved the world three times before and continues to do so in the fourth season as well.
  • Finn Wolfhard enacts the character of Mike Wheeler. He is the one who developed a soft spot for Eleven in season 1 and brought her to his home. He is a very intelligent kid.
  • Gaten Matarazzo does the part of Dustin Henderson. Dustin loves animals and even befriended one of the Demo Dogs in season 2. He is a science kid and belongs to a club named Hellfire.
  • Caleb McLaughlin reprises the role of Lucas Sinclair. He is amazing at sports, and we see him join the Basketball team at Hawkins high. He has feelings for Max and continues to woo her throughout the latest season.

  • Noah Schnapp enacts the character of Will Byers. He was accidentally transported to the Upside Down previously in season 1. Since then, he feels like a connection to the place and now Vecna. He is an amazing artist.
  • Sadie Sink plays the part of Max Mayfield. She is the coolest kid in town with her red hair and music. In season 4, we see her getting attacked by Vecna twice. We do not know if she is alive or dead.
  • Charlie Heaton reprises the role of Jonathan Byers. He is my older brother of Will. In the recent season, we see him start smoking. He is the love interest of Nancy Wheeler.
  • Natalia Dyer enacts the character of Nancy Wheeler. She is the most beautiful girl in her batch and used to date, Steve Harrington. Later, the two broke up, and now she is with Jonathan. She is the older sister of Mike.
  • Joe Keery does the part of Steve Harrington.
  • Maya Hawke reprises the role of Robin.
  • Priah Ferguson enacts the character of Erica Sinclair.
  • Joseph Quinn plays Eddie Munson.

The Adults of Hawkins

  • Winona Ryder does the part of Joyce Byers. She is the mother to Will and Jonathan and the lover of Hopper.
  • David Harbour reprises the role of Jim Hopper. He has officially adopted Eleven as her daughter. He likes Joyce but was taken to Russia as a prisoner.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Cast Members: Who Plays Who? - OtakuKart (2024)


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