Weird Stuff #2 | Fandom (2024)

16. 2/7 (28.57%) Common Cookies remained as Commons in their addition to Kingdom. (All other common cookies were originally either Rares or Epics in Line/Ovenbreak)

17. 6/14 (42.857%) Rare Cookies remained as Rares in their addition to Kingdom (Aside from Custard and Clover who both Originated from Kingdom; All the other rare cookies were originally Epics in Line/Ovenbreak)

18. Idk why but why Sea Fairy doesn't have enough energy to Travel to the Eternal City of Wizards to reunite with Moonlight, she just be staying at her Tower and Thinking about her for indefinitely.

19. Speaking of the previous one, Why didn't Moonlight exited her City to find Sea Fairy, she could've asked her Brother (Stardust) to look after the City for her after saving it, She can't be remembering not to rescue Sea Fairy now.

20. Why did GingerBrave and Friends (Excluding Chili Pepper and Custard) alongside Pure Vanilla and White Lily stayed in the Faerie Kingdom. They should've noticed that Dark Cacao was heading for Mystic Flour, They could've followed him and helped him. Instead, PV and WL send a Message to him.

21. Is Snow Sugar actually the first Epic introduced in Kingdom even though we have to acquire Chili Pepper first before getting any other Epic?

22. The Special, Ancient and Beast Rarities are completely filled with Cookies exclusive to Kingdom, I doubt if any Ovenbreak/Line Cookie would ever release and make it to either of the 3 Rarities.

23. Why didn't Olive joined Golden Cheese Cookie? I mean she was released in the Update itself alongside Mozzarella, Burnt Cheese and Fettuccine but then she becomes just an Explorer and Golden Cheese doesn't even bother letting her join? Maybe it's because GingerBrave and Friends (Without Strawberry, Chili Pepper and Custard who all got replaced by Black Raisin and Adventurer) encountered her before any Golden Cheese Residents did.

24. Why is Cream Puff an Epic? She has to be obtained from the Guild Gacha instead of Regular Gacha so why not make her a Special Cookie?

25. Speaking of Cream Puff? Why were Mozzarella and Linzer also labeled as Epics during their Release? They also have to be obtained from their Specific Event.

26. 2023's Gacha Lineup was crazy! First we get a Legendary (Moonlight), then a Super Epic (Stardust), then another one (Capsaicin), then a New Dragon who was originally supposed to be Legendary (Pitaya), a Super Epic again (Shining Glitter), then another Super Epic (Crimson Coral) then an Ancient (Golden Cheese) and finally ending the Lineup with Frost Queen's Gacha returning.

27. How did Stormbringer knew about Sea Fairy? I think they just somehow met when the Elements were created.

28. Is Cloud Haetae copying other Cookies, They act like Mystic Flour when they both want to turn everything into flower at the same time, In One of their Victory Quotes they say, "Hehe! Kneel before me!" That's basically Golden Cheese's Old Skill Quote before she got released, They say "I'm a HAETAE! Not just some puppy or tiger!" in their Info Quotes similar to Icicle Yeti's Skill "I'm a YETI!" and both of them alongside Snapdragon are capable of Transforming.

29. Why are Angel and Devil listed as They/Them Cookies, the former has a Female Voice and the latter has a Male Voice, I think it's because they're both like Balanced.

30. These Misheard Quotes are hilarious, weird and funny at the same time.

  • Dark Cacao and Milk - "Mark Let's Meet John" (Darkness Begone!)

  • Dark Choco - "Eat Your Egg" (Meet your End!)

  • Mozzarella and Choco Werehound Brute - "Time for the Fudge" (Time for some Fun!)

  • Milky Way - "Chug! Chug!" (Beware of Trains!) (Sounds like she making a Train Sound)

  • Moonlight - "We shall Derail" (We shall Prevail) (She wants Milky Way to derail her Train, ofc there's no rails in Dream Express and City of Wizards)

  • Black Pearl - "Taste the Wrath of a Male's Thumb" (Face the Wrath of the Maelstrom!) (She wants to lick a Thumb)

  • Crimson Coral - "I'll Protect this Battle!" (I'll End this Battle!) (She wants to protect someone in a Battle)

  • Frilled Jellyfish - "I'll Clean up Christmas!" (I'll clean up this Mess!) (She hates Christmas)

  • Sherbet - "Dinner's Approaching" (Winter's Approaching) (Sherbet must be cooking Dinner)

  • Sea Fairy - "Witness the Might of the Disease" (Witness the Might of the Seas)

== Honorable Mentions ==

30A. Recently, the next update got Postponed because the Community didn't want the Ancient+ Rarity to release early since there was already a New Rarity (Beast) at that time.

Weird Stuff #2 | Fandom (2024)


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