The real Conjuring house location where new owners let you stay the night (2024)

And one of the things fans want to discover is the real location of house – is the building still standing and can it be visited by the public?

Ahead of the release of threequel The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, read on for everything you need to know about the real Conjuring house.

Where is the real The Conjuring house?

As is the case in the film, the real house is located in the Rhode Island village of Harrisville (although most of the film was actually shot in a studio in Wilmington, North Carolina).

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The exact address of The Conjuring house is 1677 Round Top Road, Harrisville, and it forms part of The Old Brook Farm – which originally spanned 200 acres.

Initially built in 1736, the 10-room farmhouse still stands today – and is currently owned by Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, who moved there in June 2019.

Who lives in The Conjuring house now?

The Heinzens are themselves self-styled paranormal investigators and have apparently already spotted some unusual activity, telling the Sun Journal in 2019 that they had seen "doors opening, footsteps and knocks".

Cory added that he had "a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, (but) it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on …"

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Until the Heinzens moved in, it had previously only been possible to travel to Harrisville to see the house from the outside and formal visits were not on offer. Visits were discouraged out of respect for the previous owners, who had reported several people trespassing on the property in the years since The Conjuring was first released.

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However, the house is now open for overnight stays after the Heinzens carried out work to preserve and fix up the property in order to welcome curious guests.

"This whole journey has been both scary — for many reasons other than paranormal — and exciting all at once,” Jennifer Heinzen said back in 2019. “I love that we have the opportunity to share the home with others."

Cory added, "All these people that just love the paranormal, they just wanted a peek at it. So why not give them a peek of it and let them come in and experience for themselves."

According to a report in The Boston Globe, every guest has to sign a waiver agreement that acknowledges "the environment is designed to maximise the fright and anxiety experienced by patrons" with the risks including "violent spiritual attacks," "spiritual attachments," "frightening statements," and "unpredictable and surprising situations."

If you fancy a spooky trip yourself you can book here.

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Real life history of The Conjuring house

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As for the real history of the house, despite the fact that Bathsheba – the witch who is said to have haunted the property – was a real person, there are no records to indicate that she ever lived in the house, although she is buried in the historic graveyard in Harrisville.

The Perron family moved into the property in January 1971, and despite having reported supernatural activity almost straight away, and eventually calling in the Warrens in 1973, they continued to live in the house until they moved out in 1980.

Andrea Perron, who was a child at the time, says she has since returned to the house on many occasions and told The Rhode Island Independent in 2013 that it “always feels like I’m home when I’m there.”

“It’s just such a huge part of our lives and memories,” she added. “My mother once said, ‘We left the farm, but it will never leave us.’"

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is now in cinemas.

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The real Conjuring house location where new owners let you stay the night (2024)


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