Ovenbreak and Kingdom Timelines - Pt. 1: Gingerbrave. (2024)

Hello! I haven’t posted in a long while and by now, the account probably seem dead to anyone that followed, but I can assure you that I’m not dead. (Not yet)

Anyway, this post is about the fine line between Ovenbreak and Kingdom, which hasn’t truly been defined yet. there are still similarities between them and from the looks of it, Ovenbreak may start earning characters from kingdom as well.

So, I will talk about some of the points in the two games that don’t quite add up. Starting with the cookie himself: Gingerbrave!

*Spoiler Warning*

Gingerbrave knows that he was intended to be eaten... right?

Gingerbrave has always been called the first cookie to escape the oven in Ovenbreak, this fact being solidified during the Timeguard event, since Croissant cookie calls him that. It’s been implied that Gingerbrave also escaped the oven in Kingdom as well, as Gingerbrave seem to have started the same way regardless of the timeline. But...

In Ovenbreak, Gingerbrave knows that the witch is bad and that she eats cookies. In Kingdom, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as he is says the opposite when Dark Enchantress tells him about it in the 10-30 cutscene. If Kingdom Gingerbrave didn’t believe that, then did he escape the oven solely because it was too hot?

I mean, the heat is a valid reason to escape, but in Ovenbreak, in his quotes, its implied that he has seen the witch and has had to wait for her to leave to escape. He even says that he refused to be eaten!

Finally, in the pre-registration trailer of kingdom, it seemed that he was running away from her, as an arm can be seen reaching out for him while he jumped out of the window.

If both Gingerbraves’ stories start the same, why would one say something against the fact that the witches probably made cookies to be eaten and the other doesn’t? Why would he believe that the witches didn’t make cookies for that reason if he himself had to run from a witch that he knew was going to eat him?

I could only assume that, due to the face he made in the 10-30 cutscene, that Gingerbrave lied to the group to prevent the group from panicking, even though Strawberry knew it as well. He looked nervous and was sweating, which is a common cartoon expression for lying.

If it turns out Kingdom Gingerbrave doesn’t actually know about the witch’s intention for making him, which would make no sense due to the implication that he started the same way Ovenbreak Gingerbrave did, and Strawberry saying that she herself saw the witch eat a cookie, then that would explain him saying such things.

As for Strawberry cookie, as I could get into all the times she could’ve confirmed Dark Enchantress’s fact due to being an eye witness, she gets a partial pass, as it is in her character to be a cookie that keeps to herself.

Knowing the witch was going to eat him and not knowing that he was made to be eaten is sort of possible, as they are two different concepts. He never asked the witch why he was born, he just ran off because he knew she was going to eat him.

It has been implied in both kingdom and Ovenbreak that Gingerbrave isn’t that smart, but there’s no way that he can know the witches intention for him and not at least somewhat agree with the statement that cookies are meant to be eaten. He woke up and escaped the oven denying that fact.

This all could just be the devs forgetting how the story started in kingdom by the time episode 10 was made, but those are quite some crucial plot points to forget.

All I know is that if the Holy Order of Pastry figures out that Gingerbrave and Strawberry cookie knows the truth, they may be in some trouble...

Was Gingerbrave really the first cookie to escape in Kingdom?

This one goes for both games, as there is an obvious plot hole about this one fact in Kingdom and Ovenbreak.

In Ovenbreak, Gingerbrave is famous for being the first cookie to escape the oven, but, when he escapes, he runs into many other cookies. Now, not all cookies are created from witches, especially not the same witch. some of the evidence for this is stated in some of the cookie’s bios.

The only counter argument for this is the fact that Gingerbrave and his friends probably took a super long journey that lasted so long, all the other cookies that escaped ovens after him had enough time to make lives for themselves. Which would make sense because Gingerbrave is about 10 years old. 10 years is a lot of time. Not that much, but a lot.

Kingdom, is a different story. When I saw the first story video, I had expected Gingerbrave to be in it, as he was ‘the first cookie to escape.’ This wasn’t the case, though, as the actual first cookie to escape looked different and was armed with a sword in the video. The cookie didn’t even escape the oven, either, he was apparently already outside of the oven when he ran away. That cookie was just the first to escape his fate.

Since that cookie didn’t exactly escape the oven, then that would make Gingerbrave the first to escape the oven. He wouldn’t be praised for it, as his action didn’t put that much of an impact on the already established world of Kingdom, but he would have the title forever more.

If Gingerbrave was, though, the cookie that escaped first, then Gingerbrave would be extremely older than he even thinks he is. But, that alone makes no sense, as there isn’t any explanation for why he wouldn’t be the wisest cookie of all.

So, in conclusion, my only guess is the fact that Gingerbrave was called this due to him being the first to escape the oven and his fate, not just his fate like the cookie in the video did.

Well, that wraps up this speculation. Just remember that, no matter what I say, it’s simply a theory. (It’d be awesome if it ended up being true though.)

Thanks for listening!

Ovenbreak and Kingdom Timelines - Pt. 1: Gingerbrave. (2024)


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