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Only sweet lies can bring a cookie true happiness.

Convallaria Dragon Cookie (Korean: 콩발라리아 드래곤 쿠키, kongballalia deulaegon kuki) is a Legendary Cookie released alongside their Pet, Octo-of-the-valley in the first half of the Garden of Honey Glazed Lies update. They collect Flower Seed Jellies from flowers at given intervals before taking off into the sky in their Green Dragon form and spread them across the ground, creating giant Lily-of-the-valley's and Life Pollen Jellies.

Convallaria Dragon Cookie is the sixth, and final, Legendary Dragon to release. Their release following that of Pitaya Dragon Cookie, Ananas Dragon Cookie, Lotus Dragon Cookie, Lychee Dragon Cookie and Longan Dragon Cookie.


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  • 2 Skill
  • 3 Costumes
    • 4.1 New
    • 4.2 General
    • 4.3 Tired
    • 4.4 Lobby
      • 4.4.1 Daily Gift
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The dawn of Cookiekind was filled with hardships as there was nothing but scorched, barren lands. The cookies prayed and prayed for something, anything to help them. Their cries of desperation reached even the heaven. Heeding their prayers, the Green Dragon graces the land with prosperous flower fields. The essence of their power imbued the land with life. But alas, disaster struck once more as the overpowering life essence lead to overabundance. Plant lives trampled over each other as the life slowly withered away from the land. Cries of anguish reached the dragon once more. "I don't understand. Why would they wail in despair after I had bestowed life upon them?" The dragon would thought as they watch chaos engulfed the little crispy critters. Amidst the turmoil, flowers bloomed where Convallaria Dragon Cookie had walked as life once again graced the land. Extending their arms, the dragon vowed to "protect" the fragile critters. But perhaps, illusions of their inner desires were not the "protection" those wounded creatures were looking for...

Affection Jelly[]

Convallaria Dragon Cookie (6) "Being able to create life doesn't mean I can understand them..."


Convallaria Dragon Cookie's Skill
Lily-of-the-valley's start growing at certain intervals. The Slide button changes into a Bell-Lily Staff button. Pressing the Bell-Lily Staff button will cause the flowers to bloom and release Flower Seed Jellies. After collecting enough Flower Seed Jellies, Convallaria Dragon Cookie will soar into the sky in their Green Dragon form, blasting forward and spread Flower Seed Jellies over the barren lands. Giant Lily-of-the-valley's grown from these Flower Seed Jellies will release a large amount of Life Pollen Jellies, as well as granting Blooming Points.
1186Skill activation every 26 sec
+550 pts for Life Pollen Jellies
+300,000 Blooming Points
15312Skill activation every 26 sec
+1000 pts for Life Pollen Jellies
+1,000,000 Blooming Points
Magic Candy

Convallaria Dragon Cookie (7)

Commands vines to grow over obstacles and destroy them at certain intervals, grating Flower Seed Jellies. When Convallaria Dragon Cookie enters their skill, these extra Flower Seed Jellies will create more giant Lily-of-the-valley's, giving more Life Pollen Jellies and help Convallaria Dragon Cookie fly farther.
5Gain a skill charge every 6 sec
+4 Giant Lily-of-the-valley's
+2 sec of flying
Candy Blessings
Bonus points for All JelliesBonus points for Normal JelliesBonus points for Frozen Bear JelliesBonus points for Pink Bear Jellies


  • Convallaria Dragon Cookie (8) Red Thread of Fate



  • No need for formalities! Everyone is friend here.


  • Life will always find a way...
  • I imbued this land with life.
  • Nothing escapes the flowers' watchful gaze.
  • It is easy to deceive the eyes.
  • Only sweet lies can bring a cookie true happiness.
  • I can feel the ocean's they have...
  • It is not safe outside this village. Stay close to me.
  • The Joyous Flower Village welcomes all cookies.


  • Go...worry about yourself first...


Daily Gift[]

  • The flowers told me you were looking for this?


  • I might be the youngest, but certainly not the most immature.
  • Did the flowers guide you here?
  • Did my pollen make you sneeze? Ah...My apology.
  • What did the outsiders call our village? Land of the Unreturned?
  • Why would they want to leave? Didn't I already give them everything they wanted?
  • I can't understand you cookies sometimes...
  • Cookies are full of surprise, aren't they?
  • Be careful wandering too deep into the forest. A certain archer won't be too happy with unwanted visitors.
  • Hm... I wonder which fragrance will the wind bring me today?


  • Say hello to that little wind for me. (Given Windgrass)
  • Thank you...? (Neutral)

Relationship Chart[]

  • Longan Dragon Cookie: You cannot defy the cycle of growth and withering.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (10) Tension

  • Lotus Dragon Cookie: So unbothered by everything...It's like talking to a brick wall.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (12) Family

  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie: Strength without wit is useless.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (14) Tension

  • Ananas Dragon Cookie: Don't act so high and mighty when you yourself are mingling with cookies.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (16) Tension

  • Lychee Dragon Cookie: A true coward, hiding behind weaker beings like that.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (18) Tension

  • Snake Fruit Cookie: Not even my illusions could quench that greed of yours.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (20) Tension

  • GingerBrave: Why would you want to leave? Isn't this the paradise you have been looking for?

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (22) Friendly

  • Wind Archer Cookie: Foolish little wind. Who can you protect when you can't even protect yourself?

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (24) Friendly

  • Wind Chime Cookie: She is just like him. I don't know whether to feel proud or be worried by that...

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (25) Family

  • Cannoli Cookie: You don't have to camp outside our village every night like that...

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (27) Friendly

  • Carnation Cookie: I know you will be a delightful addition to our village, though that dragon didn't seem too pleased when I voiced my thought.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (28) Friendly

  • Cookiemals: Be careful. Don't get yourself tangled in those vines- Ah. Never mind.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (30) Friendly

  • Sanguinaria Cookie: There won't be a praise for self-destructive behaviors. Have you forgotten how easily you cookies can get crumbled?

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (31) Friendly

  • Pulasan Cookie: Going back against the cycle of life is unacceptable...but impressive, nonetheless.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (32) Tension

Appears On Relationship Charts[]

  • Longan Dragon Cookie: You still have much to learn. One day, you will understand my grand plan.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (34) Friendly

  • Lotus Dragon Cookie: Do you not have anything better to do than wasting your time on those cookies?

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (36) Family

  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie: Ha! Your cheap magic trickss won't save you this time!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (38) Tension

  • Ananas Dragon Cookie: Living among cookies? Have you no pride?!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (40) Tension

  • Lychee Dragon Cookie: Hmph! Quite the big mouth you have for someone half my age!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (42) Tension

  • Snake Fruit Cookie: Mingling with cookiess like that... A disgrace to the dragonkind.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (44) Rival

  • GingerBrave: Please listen to us! We need your help to stop the Ivory Dragon!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (46) Tension

  • Wind Archer Cookie: What you are doing is not protecting... Here, let me show you.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (48) Friendly

  • Wind Chime Cookie: I will use this power to protect the Cookiekind!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (49) Family

  • Cookiemals: Come visit us often! We miss you, Convallaria Cookie!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (51) Friendly

  • Cannoli Cookie: I know all those nights camping in the wood would pay off! Finally, a dragon in the flesh!!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (53) Admiration

  • Blue Slushy Cookie: You're from outside the paradise right?! What is it like? How can you get here so often? What is that flower on your staff-

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (55) Friendly

  • Carnation Cookie: You look so pretty... I hope to meet you in person one day!

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (56) Admiration

  • Sanguinaria Cookie: Mighty Dragon...! When will I ever be in your praise...?

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (57) Trust

  • Pulasan Cookie: As much as you help her, I will never trust you for what you've done to her.

    Convallaria Dragon Cookie (58) Tension


  • It is implied that Convallaria Dragon Cookie often visits the Dessert Paradise under a disguise (which is just them removing the "Dragon" from their name and pretend to be a cookie)
  • After their encounter in the Event Story, Convallaria Dragon Cookie would sometimes follow Wind Archer Cookie around to learn what "protection" really means to the cookies.
  • Convallaria Dragon Cookie is the youngest among the six dragons.
  • Cookies have gotten so used to their presence that the child cookies would jump on them and ask for play times whenever they are in sight.
  • Convallaria Dragon Cookie can connect with any flower on Earthbread. Which means they can see anything, anywhere as long as there is a flower nearby.
    • This might also explain why they know about Wind Archer Cookie's corruption.
  • Convallaria Dragon Cookie was confirmed to have the strongest magical prowess among the dragons. Their physical strength, however, is unremarkable.
  • Flowers would grow under Convallaria Dragon Cookie's feet whenever they use their power.
  • In the Defend the Paradise! update, Convallaria Dragon Cookie was confirmed to have a daughter, Wind Chime Cookie. It was also confirmed that Wind Chime Cookie wasn't conceived in the "traditional" way, which implies that Convallaria Dragon Cookie knows how to bake living cookies.

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Convallaria Dragon Cookie (2024)


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