Chateau Diaries Latest Episode (2024)

1. The Chateau Diaries - YouTube

  • The Chateau Diaries in Order! · The 1st EVER Chateau Diaries vlog! · PREPARING for the very FIRST Chateau Diaries PARTY! · The 'ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY' BALL!

  • Back in 2005, I bought the Chateau de Lalande with my two best friends, Nic and Michael. Filled with optimism, we had no idea what epic adventures (and spiralling costs!) lay ahead. But little by little we tackled the renovation of this 16th century historic building, and filled it with friends and family from all over the world. Now, thanks to the viewers of this YouTube channel, and the patrons of The Chateau Diaries, Lalande is undergoing a renaissance. The chateau and its gardens are springing back to life, with a lot of hard work, set-backs, triumphs and - most of all - laughter, along the way... To support The Chateau Diaries and receive an extra video per week, check out our Patreon page: To stay as a guest, please go to our reservations page on For sponsorship enquiries, please contact

The Chateau Diaries - YouTube

2. The Chateau Diaries - Chateau de Lalande

  • The Chateau Diaries 109: 'THE LAST BOAT UP THE MEKONG' CAMBODIA!!! ... The Chateau Diaries 100: WE MADE IT TO 100 EPISODES!!! MWfrj28VM3U. The Chateau ...

The Chateau Diaries - Chateau de Lalande

3. Chateau de Lalande - Facebook

4. The Chateau Diaries - Stephanie jarvis


The Chateau Diaries - Stephanie jarvis

5. A newly restored stained glass window and a party for selmar's love!

  • Meanwhile, we also receive some very unexpected good news in the garden... The Chateau Diaries Episode 258 ✨ ✨ Escape to the chateau with 'The Chateau ...

A newly restored stained glass window and a party for selmar's love!

6. Chateau de Lalande

  • The Château Diaries · The Chateau de Lalande, a magnificent 16th century chateau, lies nestled in the heart of France, amidst rolling meadows, ancient hedgerows ...

  • Reception Rooms Chapel Gardens

Chateau de Lalande

7. The Chateau Diaries - The Glam Pad

  • Sep 9, 2020 · ... Chateau. I recommend starting at Episode 1 and working your way through. Below are a few pictures of the chateau… Enjoy!. Stephanie Jarvis.

  • Chateau de la Lande French castle countryside 16th century France Stephanie Jarvis historic restoration bed and breakfast

The Chateau Diaries - The Glam Pad

8. The people using YouTube to pay for their French chateau - BBC

  • Jan 12, 2022 · ... Chateau Diaries. She had started to do this after appearing in a TV renovation show, called Escape to the Chateau DIY, and found that she ...

  • How chateaux owners are using advertising revenues from social media posts to earn a living.

The people using YouTube to pay for their French chateau - BBC

9. The Chateau Diaries - Aired Order - All Seasons -

  • S01E128 Episode 128: The Chateau Diaries - Reunited at Last!!! ... It's finally happened - after two months of lockdown I left the chateau on an awfully big ...

  • Our first ever chateau vlog! The Chateau de Lalande is preparing for a party and Stephanie has to make a 17th century dress on time...

Chateau Diaries Latest Episode (2024)


How old is Stephanie Jarvis chateau? ›

Stephanie moved into her château in 2005. And although people were living on the site from at least the 13th century, the building can be dated from around the late 15th or early 16th century.

Who is Gerald on chateau Diaries? ›

A Framlingham taxi driver has been living a double life working as a chateau repairman. For the last 15 years Gerry Grady, who owns Framlingham Taxis, has been journeying to the chateau LeLande in the centre of France to help owner Stephanie Jarvis restore the 16th century architectural marvel.

When was the last episode of escape to the chateau? ›

Did Nicole and Stephen split? ›

Happily Ever After: Well most of the Chateau owners have kept their dream alive. However there was places that no longer have their presented owners and in the case of Nicole and Stephan of Château d'Humières, they broke up while trying to restore Château de Lucheux which shows how a building can affect everything.

Who inherits the chateau? ›

Dick Strawbridge's son reveals who will inherit incredible Escape to the Chateau home. Dick Strawbridge's son has revealed his half-siblings will inherit their parents' incredible Escape to the Chateau home. Arthur, nine and Dorothy, eight, live in the palatial pile in northern France with Dick, 63, and Angel, 44.

Have the Chateau couple split up? ›

Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel Strawbridge have broken their silence and said the rancorous split from Channel 4 was 'planned in advance' and the reason they had never spoken about it was because they followed the Queen's advice.

Are Stephanie and Philip a couple? ›

Phillip met his wife Steph when they were working a the BBC and married in 1993. In 2020 Phillip came out as gay and revealed Steph's positive reaction.

What does Philip Janssen do for a living? ›

Philip Jansen
Born28 January 1967 United Kingdom
EducationUniversity College Cardiff
6 more rows

Why did they stop Escape to the Chateau? ›

"It was two years ago that we decided to end the Escape to the Chateau series,” he said. "We made the decision because the kids are growing older, and all the parallel activity was not sustainable at this level. We are doers and we are never going to stop completely, but we're also protecting them.

Who is the English couple in the chateau? ›

British engineer Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel buy a rundown French chateau. The series shows them over the course of a year, as they restore the building that has stood empty for 40 years.

How real is Escape to the Chateau? ›

The series is filmed in the Château de la Motte-Husson, which is located in the commune of Martigné-sur-Mayenne, in the Pays de la Loire region of north-west France. The series is based on the property and how Dick and Angel bring it back to life.

Who are Ben and Billie escape to the chateau? ›

They're two talented musicians and music is a big part of their life. Ben has recorded over 250 singles and 18 albums from his studio, and Billie has sung with big names like McCartney, Sting and Annie Lennox. They've also played Glastonbury, and even wrote a song together when they met.

Who is the female narrator on escape to the chateau? ›

Escape to the Chateau (TV Series 2016–2022) - Tracy-Ann Oberman as Narrator, Self - Narrator - IMDb.


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