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The Old Arnold Estate, located in Harrisville, R.I., is an authentic colonial home, circa 1736, whose paranormal phenomena were made famous by The Conjuring movie in 2013 depicting the hauntings of the Perron Family that lived there in the 1970s. Its paranormal past runs deep, as far back as the 1700’s when the spirits of native tribes remained embedded in the land up through the present day with the many spirits who continue to inhabit and visit the property.

This mystical farmhouse offers visitors an opportunity to engage with authentic paranormal activity and is considered one of the most active paranormal locations in the world. Set on 8.5 acres surrounded by stone walls, open fields, a river, and a forest, visitors come from around the world to observe and connect with the energy here that Andrea Perron describes as “a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse.” Since opening to the public in 2019, thousands of visitors have witnessed and engaged with the abundance of supernatural activity present here.

For anyone longing to connect with the other side of existence, this is the place to do it. The Conjuring House is a historical treasure, with pastoral beauty, providing those who are curious with an experience they will never forget. For some, an experience here can provide the key to understanding that our consciousness survives death and that we can connect with those who have passed before us.

“Our family lived among the dead for a decade. The farm, known to us as the old Arnold Estate, was where we all came to understand that we are not alone and there is something beyond our mortal existence, though none of us can tell you precisely what is or where we go after death."

- Andrea Perron

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The Perron Family

The mystery of life, death, and the afterlife is something we might not ever comprehend fully in this realm, but it is the fascination, the curiosity about it that keeps us guessing and searching for answers to our most esoteric questions about human existence.

In June of 1970, my mother, Carolyn Perron discovered the farm quite by accident though, as we looked back in retrospect, it seems to bear that our family was called to that place in the country -- Harrisville, RI. My parents bought the place in December of 1970, and we lived there until June 1980. We experienced continual paranormal encounters beginning from the day we moved in until the day the family moved to Georgia. Having graduated from Burrillville High School in 1976, I left the home I loved, attending Chatham College in Pittsburgh, PA. In 1980 my mother informed me that the sale of the farm was pending. I was heartbroken by the news. Despite the trials, it was “home,” and I loved it. Though we abandoned our place in the country, it never left us.

In 2007, I began writing the manuscript which became the trilogy “House of Darkness: House of Light,” and I relocated to Georgia to be with my family to write our story. This task proved to be quite an excursion, spawning several nightmares while we exhumed our memories of the dead. Often painful, it has also been a healing process, as each of us revisited a past impacting our present, clearly mapping the future of a family. Many have spoken and written about fragments of our story. Now is the time to tell the whole truth about what happened in the farmhouse, alive with death. We spent a very illuminating decade living among the spirits. It is a tale worth telling because it is true.

- Andrea Perron

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Property History

The Conjuring House land precedes its colonial records by thousands of years while it was occupied by the Nipmuc and other local tribes prior to Roger Williams purchasing the land as part of the establishment of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Having been expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for espousing freedom of religious worship and separation of church and state, Roger Williams established Providence Plantations in 1636 in Narragansett RI. In 1639 Glocester, now Burrillville RI, became part of Providence Plantations including this estate deeded to the Richardson Family. The land was deeded in 1680 and was surveyed by John Smith, one of the original Virginia colonists.

Roger Williams believed that the best way to preserve the land was to deed large parcels to those who chose to follow him and his teachings. He did so to protect it from a rather overt encroachment from Connecticut and Massachusetts. The original estate deeded to the Richardsons was more than a thousand acres. It was subsequently sold off in parcels to families in the area, some who are still there hundreds of years later.Because women had no rights to property at this time in history, their estate transferred through marriage from the first colonists, the Richardson family, to the Arnold family. From the Arnold Family it transferred to the Butterworths and then to the Kenyons before being purchased by the Perrons in the 1970s. In 1980, the Schwartz family purchased the property and sold it to Norma Sutcliffe in 1987. Cory and Jen Heinzen purchased the property in 2019 from Norma Sutcliffe and launched the business to allow investigations and day tours. In May of 2022, Jacqueline Nuñez purchased the property and is continuing and growing the business.The house as it now stands was completed in 1736, forty years before the signing of The Declaration of Independence. This magnificent homestead has survived countless storms, King Philips War, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and the unbridled growth of the Industrial Age in America. The house is a testament to the need to preserve history. Eight generations of one extended family had lived and died in it and apparently some of them never left or visit it with some frequency. History has a story to tell. We will never know all of it, some of which has been lost to the annuls of time, but one thing is certain. There are few places like it which remain intact, and it deserves reverence for the National treasure that it is.

Meet the Owner

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Guardian & Spiritual Custodian

Jacqueline is the dedicated owner and spiritual custodian of The Conjuring House. With over 41 years of delving into the mysteries of the cosmos, she brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the paranormal. Her journey through the realms of psychic guidance, mediumship, and spiritual phenomena has led her to witness countless verifiable experiences, affirming the continuity of consciousness and the supernatural energy that inhabits our world.Since acquiring The Conjuring House, Jacqueline has not only embraced its haunted legacy but has also experienced an array of paranormal activities, further proving that "We Are Conscious Beings Having A Human Experience." Under her stewardship, The Conjuring House has become a beacon for those seeking both spiritual growth and a thrilling encounter with the unknown.Jacqueline is committed to growing the business for touristic enjoyment, energy engagement, and documenting spirit phenomena. She invites you to explore the house, feel its energy, and perhaps even witness the inexplicable.For Press Releases:Jacqueline Nuñez is a business owner with a proven record of building productive teams to bring her goals to fruition. She is the sole owner of WonderGroup LLC, a real estate development company that has been building condominiums in the Boston area for the last twenty (20) years. As Owner, she secures construction financing, hires, coordinates, directs, and oversees a team of tradesmen/women, suppliers, general contractors, architects, engineers, and various companies to help her create residential condominiums.She has a law degree from Northeastern University, and a BS degree from Northwestern University where she was a full scholarship athlete leading the women’s volleyball team to consecutive Big 10 Championships and consistent national rankings. After Northwestern, she pursued a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Rhode Island in Kingston RI, where she served as the assistant women’s volleyball coach. After completing her studies at URI, she became a Division 1 Head Coach for women’s volleyball at La Salle University, Temple University, both in Philadelphia PA, and Iowa State University in Ames IA. Upon leaving her coaching career, she moved to Boston where she received her JD degree. www.wondergroupboston.com.

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The Spirits Among Us

1776 - 1839

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1778 - 1867

Abigail was the daughter of Martha Hopkins and Sylvanus Cook. She married John Arnold in 1795 when she was 19 years old, and they lived at the estate where John Arnold was a farmer. They had 14 children in 22 years. Abigail loved to cook and make fruit preserves in the cellar. She died of an illness at 93 and was buried in Burrillville. She remains a resident of the house and will often warn guests to “get out” of the basem*nt if there is a malevolent spirit around. She asks that all guests “visit with respect.”

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We have much more to learn about John, but what we do know is that he was married to Abigail Arnold and they had 14 children. John Arnold told us that he had witnessed extraterrestrial activity in the late 1700's. We also know that he owned so much land that he put all of his tenants on leaseholds. His tenants leased his property for various activities such as farming, apple orchards and other agricultural purposes.

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The time’s come to play, here in my garden of shadows.

- Hocus Pocus

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